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While Rita writes regularly for newspapers, magazines and books, this blog is her opportunity to talk directly and personally about the issues and people that inspire her, and the lessons about life and business that she has learned over the years.

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Leaders in leisurewear?

It’s difficult to think about anything other than the devastation that the coronavirus is wreaking around the world, but life has to go on…albeit it very unusually.

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Leaders in leisurewear

Save us… it’s 2020 already

One of the great things about 2020 actually being here is that we can all hopefully stop doing and reading business presentations about this bloody year. It’s almost taken on a similar strange significance to, yes, 1999.

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Who and what really failed at Thomas Cook

Looking at the former line-up of Thomas Cook CEOs giving evidence to the Select Committee about the company’s demise, it’s difficult not to look at them in contrast to the self-proclaimed ‘not-so-country bumpkins’ husband and wife team who have acquired some of the company’s assets from the ashes.

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RT @sallyuren: This isn’t just a story about climate mitigation and adaptation for cotton, all globally traded commodities will face simila…
RT @Newnham_College: What a line-up! Can't wait to hear these titans of the business world in conversation. For those who haven't been able…
Thanks so much Susanna, and to all the fabulous panellists. Here’s to the next 150 years of @Newnham_College
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